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SleepSensor brings to people a clever way to evaluate sleep health (insomnia, snoring, sleep apnea) and to guide consumers to personalized solutions. 30% of the population faces daily sleep problems (insomnia, snoring, sleep apnea) that ruins people sleep quality. Holi brings to consumers a gentle solution to evaluate the quality of his sleep and coaching programs to increase it. SleepSensor solution is a combination of a sensor wore on the shirt during the night (then it is the only one to track chest position) and an application that collects data from behavior data (sleep diary with sleep time, bed time, sleep time regularity, bed time regularity, daily physical activity) to physiological data (snoring time, sleep apnea risk, sleep position, sleep stages). SleepSensor is the most advanced solution to bring sleep science into people’s hands. After collecting data, it helps people to find solutions to their sleep problems from behavioral coaching (insomnia with relaxation and educational programs) to mandibular advancement device (MAD) purchasing (snoring and sleep apnea). With SleepSensor, people knows deeply their level of snoring (number of snore per hour, is it a positional snoring?, intensity, regularity) based on proprietary algorithms. They also get a sleep apnea score based on heterogenous data which is less subjective than traditional sleep apnea test (Epworth, Berlin, Stop Bang…).

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