2018 New Honda Riding Assist-e Concept

Details are sparse right now, but Honda will reveal the Honda Riding Assist-e electric motorcycle to the public at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show. Beginning on October 27 and running through November 5, the Tokyo Motor Show is known for debuting new models and intriguing concept vehicles. The Honda Riding Assist-e is a self-balancing motorcycle powered by electricity. It accomplishes two goals Honda has set out to meet—making motorcycles accessible to more people, and eliminating emissions from the vehicle. Honda calls the ideas “enjoying the freedom of mobility” and “a carbon-free society”. According to Honda, the technology that keeps the Riding Assist-e upright at low speeds was developed using its humanoid robot research. Features we notice include a chassis that is fully motorcycle based, including the frame, single-sided swingarm, wheels, Bridgestone Battlax sport-touring tires, and Nissan brakes, as well as a linkage-assisted shock and traditional fork. The dash is futuristic, and the throttle is labeled Throttle-By-Wire, while the headlights are in-row LEDs. We also noticed the styling that’s a cross between the Honda Rebel and Ruckus. For all policy violations, community guidelines, copyright law please contact us directly via email :wotsano2610@gmail.com

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