Nuki Smart Lock - smart bluetooth door lock for Europe

Nuki is the bluetooth smart lock / bluetooth door lock for Europe. It will open the door for you when you come home, and lock it again, when you leave. So you got a keyless door lock / smart lock. Thanks to Bluetooth & GPS, Nuki automatically detects when you approach your home and unlocks the door for you. When you leave, Nuki locks the door lock behind you. Your smartphone remains in your pocket. This changes your common doorlock to a smart lock. Nuki smartlock is installed on the inside of your door lock, in less than 5 minutes and without any help needed. It only takes 3 screws to attach Nuki to your door. Afterwards, you can use your Nuki App to control your door. As easy as pie. This app works on iOS as well on android. So you get an iOS smartlock / android smartlock for your door and access your home keylees. No matter where you are, Nuki will tell you wether your door is open or locked. Additionally you can manage all your Permissions right in the Nuki App. Read more about nuki: Do you have open questions? Like us at Facebook:

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