Porkfolio Wi-Fi Piggy Bank

Get yours today http://bit.ly/Porkfolio Video transcript: Introducing Porkfolio, the world’s smartest piggy bank that helps kids learn how to save. Let’s get you started. Download the Porkfolio or Wink App. Connecting your Porkfolio is very easy. Just click on “Add a new device”. Be sure the Wink App knows your correct Wi-Fi Network Name and password. Pull the tab out of the pigs behind, you’ll see the little guy’s snout blinking. Start the countdown and place your phone against the Porkfolio’s nose. Keep it there till you hear the sound. Congrats, you connected your Porkfolio. It’s time to bring home the bacon, so start filling it up with money. Porkfolio’s app lets you set and track financial goals allowing you to check your balance from anywhere. It also has piggy bank robber protection. An accelerometer tells you if Porkfolio has been moved and someone is stealing your money. Porkfolio’s head and limbs rotate so put it in any position that you desire. Not only does this pig fly, but it has the internet inside of it, that’s Porkfolio. Invented by Jason Hunter.

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