Vixari Tripod The Most Portable Tripod ever created for Phone/DSLR/GoPro

Vixari Tripod / Ultra-compact design, extendable legs, remote shutter, compatible with your Smartphone and your Camera. Ultra-portable and multifunctional tripod for smartphones, DSLR cameras and GoPro, perfect for travel and daily usage. Its unique design, compact size, and portability set Vixari apart from the pack, making it the ultimate companion for taking perfect photos, anytime and anywhere. Vixari has an ultra-portable foldable design that's only a little bigger than a smartphone, but despite its ultra-compact size, Vixari is still able to handle large cameras, including DSLRs that weigh up to 2kg / 4.4lbs. Vixari isn't the first portable tripod, but the team behind it claims that it is the most compact. The tripod features extendable legs that fold into the unit's body, which itself doubles as a folding case. Each of the three legs have a maximum length of 105cm / 41in, while the body has three mounting options: a slot for smartphones between 6mm and 9mm in thickness, a mount screw, and GoPro tripod mount adapter. And since it can be used to trigger smartphones, it includes a Bluetooth remote shutter that supports Android and iOS. The tripod body is made from polycarbonate, while the legs are made from aluminum alloy, the combination of which makes it durable and lightweight. The tripod will be offered in black, white, and dark blue colors, assuming it successfully makes it to market. Overall, Vixari measures 19cm x 6.5cm x 3.4cm / 7.4in x 2.5in x 1.33in and weighs 600g / 1.32lbs. Kickstarter backers are offered the tripod, plus mount screw, mount adapter, remote shutter, and charging cable for pledges of at least £49 / $65. Shipping to these early bird backers is expected to start in February 2018.

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